Real Estate Dimore Senesi

Riccardo Leoncini
Real Estate Agency Dimore Senesi’s only objective is to identify and realize for each customer, the best possible solution to the needs of purchase, sale and leasing of property.
Our services are listed below, but we’ll always share the choice of the best "modus operandi" to achieve the objective with the customer,, creating a thoroughly personalized service.




  • Analysis and constant monitoring of the real estate market, ready to seize the best opportunities at any time
  • Custom Search by location and type of property
  • Insertion in our database and those ofcollaborating agencies with the analysis and comparison of the purchase request with properties currently available for sale.
  • Checking and verification of the cadastral regularity and mortgage of properties we offer for sale
  • Technical and real estate consultancy; Once youÕve find your future home, we will follow you step by step throughout the process, from the negotiation until the time of final purchase in the following phases:
    - Technical assistance in the evaluation
    - Conduct of negotiation
    - Technical assistance at the contracting phase
    - Drafting of an irrevocable purchase proposal to guarantee the reached agreement
    - Support the Notaries Preliminary of Trade
    - Assistance to the Notary Deed
  • Legal and tax advice with the best law firms and accountants of Siena
  • post- deed Consultations; we will continue to be there after the deed, advising and remaining a true landmark
  • Availability of financial and technical consultants, interior designers, architects, artisans and companies restructuring available for any need and free estimates with no obligation

For the Seller:

    • Acquisition of the property with assessment and advice after a thorough examination of the property, which is necessary to detect all characteristics of the object and it’s context, a synthetic-comparative evaluation will be determined by identifying the most likely market value. If the seller and the real estate agent are in agreement on the estimated value, toghether with the owner the most effective sales strategy will be established, examining the real possibilities to come to a successfully concluded sale.
    • Insertion of the property in our database to compare the proposal with the request of potential buyers by us previously selected.
    • Quality photo service on the property for an immediate and efficient presentation to potential customers, illustrating them right from the start all the characteristics of the property. Proper exposure helps us to carry on the property only targeted, well-selected visits, reducing the time required for the achievement of a good result.
    • An ad will appear on our website and on the major internet portals and magazines in the real estate sector, assuming all costs and expenses for the promotion of the property. Our website is extremely functional with features aimed at real estate promotion ; for each property we provide pictures, floor plans and descriptions.
    • Customer research on the national and International level.
    • Appointment management and organization of visits of the property.
    • Report information on developments in the advertising promotion, on the response of the market and on each interest or potential negotiation.
    • Written negotiations , via a direct offer and guaranteed by credit.
    • Assistance to the Notary Deed
    • Technical and legal assistance for the completion of the sale.
    • No refund is due to us in case of non-conclusion of the sale, unless different agreements shared with the client , regarding to particularly advertising and or exclusive assignments



  • Site visit to the property and more correct assessment of the fee based on the type of property and market in that moment.
  • Quality photo service presenting right from the start to the potential customers all the visual details and the specific characteristics of the proprerty, in order to do few targeted and selected visits .
  • Publication of the announcement for the property on our web site, the best internet portals and specialized magazines. Our website is extremely functional and effective for the enhancement and real estate promotion; for each property we provide pictures, floor plans and descriptions.
  • Potential tenant research, that we select based on the specific requirements of the lessor
  • Appointment management and organization of visits to the property.
  • Information report on results of the advertising promotion, on the response of the market and on each sign of interest and potential negotiation
  • Retrieval and document control potential conductor in order to verify the reliability of the same (payroll and / or income tax return, any references, no protests or prejudicial etc.) And accurate analysis of the customer to share and facilitate the choices of the lessor
  • Technical, legal and tax matters lease.
  • Drafting lease-contract with its detailed inventory and photographic record, and registration of the same with the ‘Agenzia dell’Entrate’.
  • Denunciation of building transfer if necessary, at the Police Command of the municipality in which the property is located
  • After-contract (contract renewals, upgrades Istat, early termination, cancellations and transfers, etc.).

The Tenant:

  • Free insertion in our database for personal research and presentation of the properties available at the time
  • Continuous and targeted research for property based on the request
  • Technical, legal and tax matters regarding lease
  • Drafting lease contract with detailed inventory and photographic record and registration of the same with the Agenzia dell’Entrate.
  • After-contract (contract renewals, upgrades Istat, early termination, cancellations and transfers)


Real Estate Dimore Senesi:
Sede: via Garibaldi, 1, 53019, Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI)
Partita Iva: 01212190522
Codice Fiscale: LNCRCR70B27I726J
Data Fondazione: 1 Giugno 2007
Ruolo degli Agenti d'Affari in Mediazione: iscritto presso C.C.I.A.A. di Siena al n. 588
REA: iscrizione presso C.C.I.A.A. di Siena al numero 129609